Our Objectives


Privacy Objectives

Staff respect the Service User’s wish for privacy.
Service User’s are encouraged to store personal items securely.

General Objectives

Each Service User is encouraged to participate in the running and operation of their home.
Each Service User has a team of Support Workers to help them meet their needs, ambitions and aspirations.
Each Service User is encouraged to develop a Personal Centered Plan
New Beginnings staff are stringently vetted and will undertake a comprehensive induction programme, which fully sets out the New Beginnings philosophy and model of care.
All New Beginnings staff are subject to appraisal and supervision sessions.
Parents , advocates and friends are encouraged to be involved in assisting the Service User in Personal Centered Planning.
Service Users have the opportunity to be part of Service Users groups and forums in ordwr to develop the quality of service delivered by New Beginnings, and to voice concerns or issues relating to the services we deliver.
New Beginnings makes use of various quality assurance tools to monitor the service they are delivering to Service Users.

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Choice & Aspiration Objectives

Person Centered planning gives ownership to the Service User planning their own life. A key part of the plan will be to give choice and meet aspirations.
Person Centered Plans are customised to the individual’s own needs and aspirations, and are flexible, responsive and accountable to the individuals needs, wishes and desires.
Rather than controlling or pre-determining how Service Users will live their lives, New Beginnings gives ownership and opportunity to each Service User in determining how their future will develop.
New Beginnings recognise the individuality and lifestyle choices of each Service User.
New Beginnings exists to help and support Service User’s in:-

  1. Having a plan linked to their community.
  2. Encouraging community involvement.
  3. Focusing on Service Users gifts, desires and capabilities, preferences and aspiration.