Things you need to know


Number 1.
It is our responsibility to keep Service Users and staff safe. To ensure this, we have a 24 hour on-call facility available. When necessary, we will contact the service users Care Manager or the Duty Social Worker to keep them up to date of any situations that may arise.

Number 2
We will help service users to take part in the activities they want to be involved in, however, where this incurs costs e.g. going to a concert, the Service User will be expected to pay for the escort.

Number 3
There is a complaints procedure. This is contained in the policy section. 

Number 4
In the staff section are the job descriptions of the staff that are working with service users. These will give you some idea of the role of each person in the team.

Number 5
In Independent Supported Living Services, New Beginnings makes an agreed contribution to the food budget. This is so staff can eat with service users whilst on duty.

Number 6
As a tenant, our Service Users will find there is a regular tenants meeting organized in their home. We would encourage all Service Users to be part of this meeting, so that they can put their views, opinions and wishes forward to the other tenants who live at their house. It is important to us that each tenant is happy, relaxed and confident in his or her house. The tenants meetings will help to ensure that all our service users voices are heard.

Number 7
In addition to tenants meetings, New Beginnings runs an Independent Supported Living (I.S.L.) Person Centered Planning forum, Service User Action Group and ‘drop ins’ that Service Users are encouraged to be involved in.

Number 8
As a tenant, Service Users have certain responsibilities to the Housing Association, other tenants and the local community. These will be outlined in the Service Users tenancy agreement and material from the Housing Association.

Number 9
New Beginnings act as managing agents to most of the Service Users housing association. Part of this work means we will help them to claim benefits, pay rent, report faults, and do the paperwork necessary to support them to live in their home and inform them about any changes that will affect them.

Number 10
New Beginnings is contracted to provide Service Users with the hours that they need to live in their  home and participate in their community. The Service Users Care Manager has assessed the hours and we provide those hours of care and support. We do not provide hours other than that, which have been contracted to us.

All our managers have an NVQ* 4 qualification. They are also trained to be NVQ* assessors.
Our Team Leaders have a minimum of an NVQ* 3 qualification.
Our Support Workers are or are being encouraged to get an NVQ* 2 qualification or NVQ* 3 qualification.

Our staff have an Employees Handbook to help them understand and carry out their work.

Our staff are appraised and supervised in their work.