Policies - New Beginnings Code of conduct

New Beginnings works in partnership with service users, staff teams, social services and health professionals, advocates, housing associations and other agencies in developing high quality services to support individuals to live meaningful lives in their home and community and to help them to develop their true potential.

New Beginnings seeks to work with a person centred approach to provide individualised services to support people to hold tenancies and achieve their own goals and objectives.
New Beginnings is a not for profit organisation, which is working to ensure good practices and a committed and well-trained work force.

1.0 Service Users

  1.1 Confidentiality/Privacy
New Beginnings will safeguard this right at all times. Information kept on service users should be made available to the person on request. It should only be given to other agencies with the permission of the service user and care manager. No New Beginnings staff will enter a service users room without permission and the service users dignity will be upheld at all times particularly when personal care is given.
1.2 Complaints
New Beginnings will uphold the service users right to make complaints about the service they receive from New Beginnings. Service users must be helped to be aware of how to complain and the process involved. The service user should have written details of the procedure.
1.3 Non-Discrimination
New Beginnings will not discriminate against service users on grounds of religion, race, beliefs, age, sexuality, social or financial status or nationality.
1.4 Information
New Beginnings will uphold the service users right to have detailed information about New Beginnings, the service we offer (including things we will and will not do). Information should be developed in mediums appropriate to the service user.
1.5 Person Centred Planning
New Beginnings will work with service users in a person centred way and ensure service users helped to achieve their goals and plans.
1.6 Dignity
New Beginnings will value every service user and recognise and respect their rights, lifestyle and uphold their dignity.
1.7 Choice
New Beginnings will support service users in choices and opportunities. We will seek to consult with and inform all service users so that choices are made from a position of strength. We will seek to empower service users to be in control of their lives.
1.8 Meetings
Service users who are tenants will have the opportunity to participate in regular tenants meetings to discuss issues and make decisions relating to their house and household.
1.9 Abuse
New Beginnings does not accept abuse of any kind including physical, emotional, sexual, financial, racial, institutional abuse or sub standard practice. Staff will be trained to recognise and report it. Service users will be supported in being aware of what abuse is and how to report it. We will seek to empower service users to take control, of their lives and uphold their rights.

2.0 Staff
  2.1 Non-Discrimination
New Beginnings will not discriminate against staff on the grounds of race, nationality, language, religion, beliefs, sexuality, sexual orientation or social status. We will seek to value all our staff and support them in the work they do. Sexual or racial harassment is viewed as gross misconduct and will result in disciplinary action.
2.2 Confidentiality
New Beginnings will uphold the right of the staff to confidentiality.
2.3 Information
New Beginnings will ensure staff are kept informed about company developments and training opportunities and that they are aware of all policies and procedures.
2.4 Safety
New Beginnings will seek to ensure that working environments are safe and healthy and that staff are trained in safe practices. New Beginnings will seek to be fully aware of our duties under Health & Safety at Work legislation and for that reason; we employ the services of nationally recognised health and safety consultants. Protective items e.g. goggles, aprons; gloves are available to all staff where they are a necessity. Lifting and moving should only be carried out according to care plans. Service users should never be lifted manually. Staff should be competent in dealing with accidents and emergencies.
2.5 Employment Status
All new staff will be employed on the basis of satisfactory application form, references, police check, ID check, interview and completion of a satisfactory probationary period. Staff will be subject to an annual appraisal and three monthly supervision sessions. New Beginnings employs a nationally recognised personnel company to assist us in supporting staff in personnel matters and to ensure compliance to employment law.
2.6 Receiving Gifts
Staff should refuse any gift or favour from a service user or relative that may be interpreted as an attempt to gain preferential treatment. They should report any incidents where gifts are offered. Staff must not borrow money from service users or their relatives.
2.7 Dress Code
To underline our commitment to community values and attitudes, New Beginnings staff will not wear a uniform that marks them out as being a staff member (and holding different status to the service user). Staff are expected to be clean and tidy when on duty. Whilst there is no formal dress code, staff are expected to dress in a way, which is appropriate for their work, is not offensive and does not draw attention to themselves (or the service user). The wearing of jewellery is discouraged, as it may be unsafe when working with people who present challenging behaviour. Any cuts, sores etc should be covered in order to reduce cross infection.
2.8 Substances
Staff must not drink alcohol, smoke or take illegal substances whilst on duty. They should not arrive for work under the influence of drink or illegal substances.

3.0 Training
  3.1 New Beginnings are fully committed to ensuring all staff are trained to carry out the duties they are employed to do.
3.2 All staff are subject to in-house induction and induction training which includes subjects such as Health and Safety, COSHH, Fire Prevention, Person Centred Planning, Supporting People, Safeguarding people, First Aid, Food Hygiene, Moving and Handling and Independent Supported Living.
3.3 Staff who have successfully completed the probationary period are then expected to complete NVQ Level 3/ training within a reasonable time period. All managers are expected to hold NVQ Level 4 or other appropriate qualifications or to work towards this within a reasonable time period.

4.0 Record Keeping
  This should be carried out to Company policy and be factual, accurate and up to date.

5.0 Handling Monies
  5.1 The handling of all monies should be in accordance with New Beginnings and Social Services policies.
5.2 When staff are DSS appointed they should ensure that benefits are correct, up to date and accountable.
5.3 All financial matters will be subject to internal audit.

6.0 Entering and Leaving a Service Users House
  6.1 On arriving at the house, staff should always ring the doorbell. They should not enter the house unannounced (unless subject to a Social Services protocol).
6.2 After entering the house, staff should always greet the service user and inform them of the hours they are there and the reasons why.
6.3 Before leaving the house, staff should inform the service user of their departure.
6.4 Before leaving, staff should ensure that all records etc have been completed, medication administered, financial matters attended to and a handover completed.
6.5 Before leaving, staff should ensure the service user is safe and not at risk.

7.0 Handling and administering medications
  7.1 Where appropriate, staff will order medication on behalf of the service user.
7.2 Medicines will be stored safely and securely at all times.
7.3 Where appropriate staff will support the service user in taking the medication.
7.4 Staff will ensure that the service user takes the correct medication dosage.
7.5 Where an error is made in paragraph 7.4 or medication is found to be missing, the matter will be reported at once and a full written account of the incident should be made as soon as possible. Medical advice should be sought at once.
7.6 The administration of medication should be recorded as per Company policy.
7.7 Medication should be regularly reviewed by the prescribing doctor.


Policies - New Beginnings Code of practice

New Beginnings will:
* Ensure that recruitment procedures are robust and that all staff are CRB checked, have two references (one of which being the last employer) and have their identification and relevant qualifications checked.
* Develop an intensive induction and training package that will support new staff through their probationary period and help existing staff in their individual development and progress to provide a high quality service.
* Provide policies and procedures that protect and support service users and staff and promote good practice.
* Regularly appraise and supervise staff in order to promote good practice, celebrate achievement, address weaknesses and to develop individual goals and objectives for the future.
* Give staff information and guidance about their role, responsibilities and practice so that they are aware of New Beginnings expectations of them.
* Provide training and other opportunities to support staff in their work.
* Assist staff to complete national vocational training.
* Promote good practice in the workplace.
* Ensure procedures are in place to protect service users and staff from abuse discrimination, harassment and neglect and that reporting procedures are clear to staff, service users and relatives.
* Ensure that the complaints procedure is robust and known to Service Users, staff and relatives.
* Develop procedures and practices that ensure a safe and healthy workplace at all times.
* Work in partnership with socials services, health professionals, housing associations and other agencies in order to provide a high quality service to service users.
* Ensure that good and clear lines of communication exist to all staff, Service Users and agencies that New Beginnings work with.
* Ensure that all legal, financial, insurance and contractual obligations are met.
* Develop robust monitoring systems that will ensure that high quality services are being delivered to all Service Users.
* Ensure that all staff are aware of the Codes of Conduct and Practice and are compliant with them.
* Seek to ensure a person centred approach to all Service Users.
* Work to develop a positive, fair and supportive atmosphere in all working situations.
* Support staff in their work and encourage individual development.
* Co-operate with health, social services C.Q.C and other agencies in inspections and investigations.
* Keep up to date with current trends and developments and communicate these to all staff.


Policies - Staff Code of practice

New Beginnings employees must:
* Safeguard the interest of those in their care.
* Respect independence.
* Empower Service Users to take control of their lives, make informed choices and take opportunities.
* Work with Service Users in a Person Centred way.
* Listen to and respect Service Users.
* Uphold Service Users rights
* Value and work with Service Users as individuals
* Protect Service Users from abuse of any kind.
* Respect and maintain the dignity of Service Users.
* Respect confidentiality.
* Work sensitively, imaginatively and creatively to support the Service Users to reach they're full potential in their home and community.
* Support Service Users to be as fully involved as possible in the management and running of their home.
* Communicate effectively with service users, colleagues, families and professionals.
* Communicate honestly, appropriately and openly.
* Take responsibility for safe practice.
* Follow safe practice guidelines, particularly in regard to Health & Safety.
* Ensure the working environment is safe and healthy.
* Report any incidents, faults, health & safety issues or concerns at once.
* Be aware of New Beginnings Policies and Procedures.
* Work in partnership with Service Users families, friends, advocates and professionals.
* Be honest, reliable and trustworthy.
* Be conscientious and consistent.
* Honour commitments to Service Users, employers and colleagues.
* Challenge unsafe, substandard or discriminatory practice.
* Carry out duties outlined in the job descriptions.
* Work co-operatively and openly with colleagues and other professionals.
* Treat colleagues with respect.
* Develop positive professional relationships with families, advocate, social services and health professionals.
* Be subject to annual appraisal and three monthly supervision.
* Undertake learning and training to improve knowledge and skills.
* Work to complete personal appraisal objectives to enhance personal development.
* Inform Head Office of any criminal convictions they occur.
* Be prepared to work unsociable hours, night shifts and sleep-ins as directed.
* Always remember they are working in someone's home.
* Always work to their very best ability.

New Beginnings employees must not:
* Abuse, neglect or harm Service Users in any way.
* Exploit Service Users.
* Put themselves or others at unnecessary risk.
* Drink alcohol, smoke or take drugs whilst on duty.
* Arrive for work under the influence of drink or drugs.
* Behave in a manner that may damage the reputation of New Beginnings.
* Work in ways, which are discriminatory or are considered substandard.
* Harass Service Users, colleagues or others.
* Leave Service Users alone in the house or community unless it is part of a Service User's care plan.